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                    Introduction to Dalian No. 24 High School
                    Dalian No. 24 High School is developed from Dalian Yucai School, which officially opened on September 1, 1949. The first principal is Mao Daxun, a pioneer in Chinese education and the first mayor of Dalian. The first provost is a revolutionary martyr Yang Kaihui's cousin Yang Kaiying. A great many of her first students were the children of the national south-marching cadres and martyrs orphans at that time. On the New Year's day of 1951, Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai visited the school and left a handwritten inscription: " Your school is a talent- training school, devoted much to training students' moral and intelligence......". With the entrustment of The Premier and more than sixty years of development, Dalian No. 24 High School has been ranking first in education in Liaoning province and even in the forefront of the country, winning the reputation of "Northeast small Tsinghua" . For these years, Dalian No. 24 has won the titles of “National Model school of Management by Law”, “National Advanced Unit of Educational Research”, “National Pilot School of Backup Talent Cultivation for Sports”, “Provincial Civilized Unit”, “Provincial Model School”, “Provincial Eco-School”, “Provincial Advanced School of New Curriculum Reform” etc. 
                    1. Advanced educational philosophy and specific educational target. No.24 High School has always been promoting quality of teaching and students' all-round development. In the past 10 years, our school has taken “for the happiness and excellence of the students” as the school mission, “Laying solid foundation for the top creative talents training” as our emphasis. Relying on the high quality of school-based curriculum, our school has striven to realize the educational target of cultivating the high quality talents to seek truth, admire beauty, be special, and have social responsibility and international vision, thus gradually forming the characteristic regarded as “multiple education, promoting the personalized development of high level students”.
                    2. Multifunctional campus and highly respected staff. Situated to the south of Qing Niwa and next to the Labor Park, No. 24 High School has a campus structure of Japanese style and garden style dating from 1920. With a history of more than one hundred years, it has picturesque natural scenery and a profound cultural accumulation. The school covers an area of 50 mus, with GFA of 30000 square meters and green area of nearly 10000 square meters, which accounts for 40 % of the whole school. It also has seven functional centers including modern educational technology, technological laboratory, library information, sports, art education, students’ club, and foreign exchange. The school has a fabulous teaching team and high-caliber leading cadres who are devoted to educational enterprise, strict with academic studies, diligent in teaching and striving for excellence. Now the school has a staff of 134 people, including 6 special-level teachers, 98 senior teachers, 21 provincial and city-level excellent teachers, 12 model teachers of province and city level, 16 national gold medalist teachers, 41 teachers with doctor’s or master’s degree. With a functionally improved campus and a well cooperative staff, the school has founded a good base to nurture talents of overall quality and innovation
                    3. High quality courses and diverse campus culture provide the foundation for the training of creative talents. No. 24 High School has established a curriculum system that focuses mainly on national curriculum and also school-based curriculum, which includes basic, extensive and inquiry courses. The curriculum covers academic courses, competition courses, research-based courses, social science courses, students ‘club-related courses, arts, sports, and social practice etc. Over 50 students’ clubs including Calligraphy club, Tea club, Folk music band, Volleyball team, Lanfan literary club etc, have become an important platform on which students can highlight their personality and improve their capability. 26 students from our school have achieved the highest academic scores in our city or even our province. Almost 600 students have been admitted to Tsinghua University, Beijing University and Hong Kong University.  Our college entrance examination achievement has alwaysbeen among the top in Liaoning province. And more than 200 students are admitted to Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford and other famous international universities. In recent years, over 1000 students have got prizes in international, national and provincial Olympiad Competitions, among whom Yue Yu won the gold medal of International Physics Olympiad Competition. Our students won first place several years on end in Dalian overall quality competition. All the achievements we gained prove that only with high quality courses can we nurture creative talents. 
                    4. Broad international vision and integration of Chinese and Western culture. In terms of international exchange and cooperation, our school has acquired its own characteristics, making itself more systemized and more normalized. Our school has successively established sister-school relationships with over 30 famous schools at home and abroad, including Lamar High School of the United States, Colo High School of Australia, St. Bees School of UK, Hwa Chong Institution of Singapore, St. Paul’s Co-educational College of Hong Kong, Ritsumeikan High School of Japan, Fuxing High School of Taiwan, High School Affiliated to Tsinghua University, High School Affiliated to Renmin University, Liaoning Province Shiyan High School, and Northeast Yucai High School. Besides, it has made a wide range of educational cooperation with schools and educational organizations in many regions and countries. The International department of the school, which officially opened in the summer of 2011, integrates the advantages of Chinese and Western education with a gradually modernized and large-scale pattern of education and it is committed to the cultivation of the elite according to the needs of era.